Scooter Sharing App Development: Example and Cost in 2022

What is Scooter Sharing App

The electric scooter industry is blooming. No need to turn to numbers for confirmation, since there’s hardly a city whose roads never saw people on e-vehicle, whether they’re reaching the destination or renting a scooter for fun. Nevertheless, in some locations, e-vehicles remain an excellent startup idea. Are you the one planning to launch an electric scooter business? In this guide, we’ll expand on every detail regarding a major contributor to your business success — e-vehicle sharing app development.

Scooter Sharing App Development: Real Case Example C24

Since electric scooter app development is a complex issue, we’re going to cover all the essentials based on a real-life example – С24 project by development company Rexsoft. C24 is a thriving project that supports eco-friendly vehicles and operates in the Ukrainian biggest cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Desired Functionality of Scooter Sharing App

Scooter sharing app is the first touchpoint of customers with your business. Thus, to give it a powerful start, make sure an application includes at least basic required functionality. Here’s the list of features that C24 is empowered with.

When it comes to user-specific functionality, C24 contains the following features:

  • registration/authorization;
  • map showing scooters;
  • possibility to view information about the availability of the scooter;
  • personal account;
  • travel history;
  • promo codes;
  • referral program;
  • messages etc

However, a user app is not about user-friendliness, but about convenient management. What about admin panel, here is what C24 has to offer:

  • scooter management and replacement;
  • user management;
  • mailing list creation;
  • promo codes creation;
  • editing text content;
  • command history;
  • user travel history and more.

So, when it comes to the functionality of the electric scooter application, it should be a convenient tool for both customers and managers.

Basic Development Team for Scooter Sharing App Development

Just like any application development, electric scooter sharing app creation is a comprehensive process, demanding a team with a broad field of expertise. Here is the composition of a team you may need for scooter-sharing app development based on C24 project.

  • IT consultants and sales representatives;
  • UI/ix designers;
  • Frontend and backend developers;
  • Q&A testers;
  • Support and maintenance team.

Provided you partner with a talented team with full scope of development expertise, you increase your chances to receive a smoothly-running product that is most likely to hit the market.

E-vehicle Development Cycle: Time and Cost Estimations

Let’s take a look at how much time and finances it takes to create a scooter sharing app based on the example of C24.

In general, the final cost is defined based on the hourly rate and time expenditure of development team members. As for C24, Rexsoft engaged the following gems:

  • Design — 80h;
  • App development — 360h;
  • Back-end development/App API — 280h;
  • Super Admin CMS — 140h;
  • Device API — 160h.

Total 1020h

When it comes to scooter sharing app price calculations, the average sum depends on the location of a development team. The approximate cost assuming you work with US developers is $76,800 ($70 hourly rate). Ukrainian programmers charge nearly $40 per hour which means that can deliver equal-quality products for nearly $40,800.

Electric Vehicle Franchise by Rexsoft: Top Advantages and Cost

To sum up, custom development of an scooter sharing app from scratch is a time and money-consuming process. For savvy businesses who have the urge to launch within the fastest possible timeframes, Rexsoft released an electric vehicle franchise.

Apart from the reduced time-to-market speed, the franchise is a cost-saving solution. You only pay the initial fee of $6400 and then pay a monthly subscription fee that depends on the number of configured scooters ($5 to 8 per scooter on average).

By opting for the franchise, you get an application with a fully customized design and necessary functionality, as well as CRM system for streamlined management opportunities. In addition, you get a powerful analytics tool that allows for the efficiency of fleet and staff.

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